TWEC Program

1. Session Description

The Importance of Wind Energy in the Perspective of Net-Zero (2053) and Supply Security

2. Session Description

Electricity and Carbon Trade in the Future of Renewable Energy

What will be the impact of the European Green Deal and energy storage systems on the Turkish electricity market? What is the latest situation in the Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee System (YEK-G)? What is the latest situation in the global Carbon Markets? How should the Turkish Wind Energy Sector react in the new period in the electricity and carbon markets?
“Energy Markets Management System (EPYS)” commissioned by EPİAŞ as part of the “Great Transformation” Project What innovations does it offer for Renewable Energy Power Plants? How do other EPYS integrated platforms plan to integrate into this situation? What are the advantages and disadvantages for Wind Power Plants?
Are there opportunities to sell electricity through PPA? How could PPA be extended beyond 1 year? How should the responsible for balancing agreements be like?
How was the last 1 year for Wind Power Plants in the Electricity Market? What was the impact of the Maximum Settlement Price (MSP) on renewable electricity trading and bilateral agreement markets? What level of electricity prices should be expected in Turkey in 2024 and beyond? According to 2024 electricity market expectations, should Wind Power Plants register to FIT (YEKDEM)?
… we will discuss the effects of new changes and regulations, future expectations and recommendations in the session where the most current issues of the sector will be discussed.

4. Session Description

The Importance of Grid Planning in the Century of Wind and the Development of Allocated Capacities

The common goal of all stakeholders regarding the connection and system utilization of Wind Power Plants in the Turkish Electricity Grid is the most efficient and safe operation of more wind power plants in the grid. In this session, with the contributions of transmission and distribution operators, non-governmental organizations, and consultants, it is planned to discuss expectations, suggestions, and targets for the coming period specific to wind power plants and electricity grids.

5. Session Description

Is It Realistic to Target 5 GW Installed Power for Offshore Wind by 2035?

In 2050, offshore wind power plants, which are expected to be the world’s cheapest source of electricity by the IEA, promise great potential for Turkey as well as for all countries. Turkey’s Energy Plan envisages reaching 5GW installed capacity by 2035. In this session, we will discuss what Turkey needs to do to reach 5GW installed capacity at a time when all countries are struggling to reach their offshore wind targets. We will discuss the supply chain and human resources required to build an offshore wind industry, the regulatory framework we need for attracting investors and the challenges that await us in grid connection and construction phases.

1. Session Description

Energy Storage: LI-ION, Emerging Technologies and Green Hydrogen

Considering that green transformation and digitalization are the most important agenda of the planet due to climate change, and that studies on this subject are continuing rapidly, especially in developed regions, it is an inevitable reality that Turkey should take part in this transformation due to its location and integration into the world economy. Green transformation covers many areas from production to waste cycle, energy management, transportation, building management and energy efficiency. In this session, we will talk about the place of hydrogen, LI-ION and alternative storage technologies in the green transformation and their contribution to the overall goal, and we will try to answer the question of whether the breakpoint in reaching the goal will be realized through these technologies.

2. Session Description

Existing and Future Projects of Development Agencies Related To Renewable Energy and Storage

6. Session Description

Accelerating Investment Processes and Recent Developments in the Wind Energy Sector

8. Session Description

Wind Turbine Technology and Market Expectations in Türkiye

The rapid development in turbine technology in recent years has increased the pressure on turbine manufacturers and their supply chains. Due to the shortening of the commercial life of turbine platforms and domestic production pressures, the OEMs are trying to reduce the diversity of turbine platforms. At this session, we will discuss whether it is possible to keep the current pace of R&D and meet the localization requirements of different markets.

13. Session Description

A New Page in Renewable Energy Investments: Wind Power Plants for Self Consumption

The unlicensed electricity generation for self-consumption has been a successful model for especially large consumers to generate their own electricity in Türkiye since the day it was published. It has also been an important catalyst for ensuring energy supply security and for the spread and rapid implementation of investments in the transition to renewable energy. One of the important instruments for achieving the goals of meeting sustainable production from renewable energy and reducing emissions in accordance with the climate action plan and the effects of the Paris Climate Agreement, which Türkiye is a signatory to, for a sustainable world, and the Green Deal implemented by the European Union, which is the largest exporter for Türkiye, is the use of renewable energy for self-consumption. In this context, in our session, we will talk about the impact of industry on consumption, the use of renewable energy in self-consumption and the effects of supporting legislation, and we will exchange ideas on areas of improvement in legislation and project development activities and new technologies in order to expand the implementation of wind power plants to reach the beforementioned goals.

4. Session Description

Asset Optimization by Using the Power of Data

Did you know a new turbine generates about 70TBs of data each year? Thanks to the advances in IoT and artificial intelligence technologies we can now extract this data and put it to hard work. With experts in this field we will be discussing how data and advanced analytics can be used to optimize asset management.

5. Session Description

The Future of Renewable Energy: Energy Islands, Floating Wind Farms, HVDC, and Power-to-X

Grid operators are seeking alternative solutions to the relatively low installed capacity and variable generation profiles of renewable energy projects. Renewable energy islands, which can be installed both onshore and offshore, have become competitive with conventional power generation plants, with installation capacities of 1 GW or more at a single point. Floating wind energy technology can provide support to achieve higher efficiency from offshore energy islands. Innovative energy transmission and conversion technologies such as HVDC and Power-to-X are needed to transmit the generated energy to consumers.

3. Session Description

Access to Financing and Insurance Services for the Storage Integrated Wind Power Plants

Wind power plant projects that have already been commissioned have been able to provide better conditions in terms of financing due to the periodic rights of the projects. We will try to emphasize how the process will evolve in these projects with the storage requirement introduced with new capacity allocations, the expectations of investors, the perspective of service providers and the importance of these investments in terms of our country’s energy supply security and foreign dependency issues. With regard to the procurement of insurance services, we will evaluate the collateralizability of storage integrated projects. We will seek answers to questions on how both financing and collaterals should be evaluated.

10. Session Description

The Wind Energy Global Supply Chain: Opportunities, Obstacles and Needs

The rapid commissioning of factories producing main equipment in our country led to the development of the sub-industry. With the damage to the Far East supply chain during the pandemic and the EU’s decision to accelerate renewable energy investments after the Russian crisis, Turkey’s wind energy industry has an unprecedented opportunity. Along with all these global developments, the national offshore wind energy target announced for 2035 offers new opportunities for our industry both in the domestic market and in exports. In this session, we will discuss the opportunities and threats brought about by these developments and discuss how existing industrial investments can be further expanded and how new investments can be attracted to our country.

12. Session Description

Wind Investments and Experiences From the Past to the Present, In All Aspects

In this session, we will try to take a multidimensional and enjoyable memory tour of the last 15 years, the most intense period in WPP projects. We will witness how and with what targets the first and new investors entered into wind energy investments, the experiences gathered in achieving these goals, the changes in project financing, how international partnerships were established, the changes in the process of power plant operations in the same period, the experiences accumulated by the public and private sectors, the mistakes known to be true, and what the future looks like from today, from experienced speakers with their personal and corporate knowledge.

7. Session Description

How Do We Ensure on Efficient Life Cycle of Wind Turbines? Adapting New Technologies and Field Applications

In WPP projects, the commissioning processes of which are very laborious, many different parameters come to the agenda after commissioning. What are the most basic issues to be considered after commissioning in a WPP project; we will answer the questions of what to pay attention to for a power plant that works more effectively in every aspect with our valuable participants.

9. Session Description

ISTKA Exclusive Session: Can the Success Story of the Onshore Wind Industry Be Carried to the Offshore?

11. Session Description

Export Potential of the Wind Energy Industry and Necessary Changes To Meet the Requirements of the Green Deal

Turkiye has currently reached a significant export potential with its existing wind energy industry. The primary target market, European countries are aiming to achieve “net zero” goals in the coming years, which will require more wind installations, creating significant opportunities for Turkey’s wind supply chain. However, mechanisms to be defined in alignment with the Green Deal will bring both risks and opportunities for all industries. In this session, we will evaluate future scenarios and strategies by taking the picture within this context, blending threats and opportunities.

3. Session Description

Business Models and Strategies for the Development of Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen will become more prominent in the coming period for a safer and climate-friendly future. We will discuss the prominent developments in areas such as investment, financing, and new business models for a successful green hydrogen economy.

6. Session Description

The Opportunities Brought by Digitalization in Wind Energy

Big data analytics and artificial intelligence applications stand out as one of the most important topics of digitalization applications in energy, which have become widespread with developing technologies. Thanks to the transformation of data into information and information into timely and accurate action in applications supported by the developments in data collection and processing technologies, which have increased in parallel with the exponential increase in processing power in recent years, it has become possible to increase production efficiency, reduce continuous costs through optimization of operation and maintenance processes, and more importantly, minimize the failures in critical equipment and production losses due to these failures. In this session, where we will touch on preventive maintenance, data analytics and asset management in wind power plants, we will be discussing how to optimize operation and maintenance processes with our valuable speakers operating in this field.