Career Fest

Turkish Wind Energy Congress 2023 Career Festival:
Take Your First Step into the Future of the Wind Energy Sector!

Türkiye’s growth and development in the wind energy sector continue, and career opportunities in this field appear brighter than ever. The Career Festival, now in its second year, offers an excellent opportunity to take your first step on the exciting journey of building a career in this field.

What Is the Career Festival?
The TWEC 2023 brings together leading professionals in the wind energy sector, students, and anyone considering a career in this field. The Career Festival, held as part of the congress, is a special event designed to nurture the future leaders of the wind industry and introduce opportunities in the sector.

What Does It Offer?
Career Training and Competitions: If you’re interested in learning how to embark on a successful career in the wind energy sector, career training sessions are tailored just for you. Additionally, you can have fun and seize the opportunity to win various prizes by participating in the competitions held during the event.

Human Resources and Career Management: The most experienced human resources experts in the sector will guide you in areas such as career planning, interview techniques, and CV building. They will provide excellent opportunities to steer and enhance your career.

Sessions with Industry Professionals: Throughout the congress, you’ll have the chance to meet the leading names in the wind energy sector and hear about their experiences. Their advice and shared knowledge can help shape the direction of your career.

Why Should You Participate?

  • Discover that the wind energy sector is a dynamic and growing field.
  • Gain insights into opportunities for starting or advancing your career in the sustainable energy sector.
  • Have the chance to establish valuable connections with industry professionals.
  • Participate in training and competitions to develop yourself in the field of wind energy and unleash your potential.