Open Platform

Open Platform at the 12th Turkish Wind Energy Congress: Share Your Ideas, Shape the Future

One of the most exciting parts of the 12th Turkish Wind Energy Congress is the ‘Open Platform,’ designed for you to directly share your company’s new technologies, products, and capabilities with industry stakeholders and interested parties.

What is the Open Platform?

The Open Platform offers an opportunity for anyone interested in shaping the future of the wind energy sector. This event allows participants to share their views, projects, or experiences on wind energy topics. It provides the freedom for anyone to speak, and creates an environment where the value created by the speaker can be thoroughly evaluated.

Why You Should Participate?

Opportunity to Showcase New Technologies, Products, and Ideas: The Open Platform provides an ideal platform for showcasing your company’s latest technology products and innovative projects. You have the chance to share your new discoveries and innovative ideas with leading industry professionals and potential business partners.

Direct Communication with Industry Stakeholders and Interested Parties: The event offers the opportunity for direct communication with other stakeholders and interested parties in the industry. It creates collaboration opportunities and enhances your knowledge by filtering industry developments through various perspectives.

Receive Feedback: You have the opportunity to receive feedback from participants, both from those who are most knowledgeable about your work and those who follow the industry from a distance. This allows you to improve and enhance your projects.

You can participate in this event, which will take place in two separate halls over two days, by making a reservation in advance. Showcase your valuable innovative products, solutions, and thoughts for your company while learning about current developments in the business world and establishing new business connections. The Open Platform is waiting for those who have something to say!