Turkish Supplier Day

TWEC 'Turkish Supplier Day': Bringing Our Local Strength Together with Global Opportunities!

The 12th Turkish Wind Energy Congress is hosting an exciting new initiative this year. The ‘Turkish Supplier Day’ event, organized in collaboration with WindEurope, a prominent representative of the European wind sector, will bring together innovative industry professionals with extensive experience and broad perspectives under the same roof, along with global opportunities. Turkish Supplier Day will become an interactive meeting point between Turkish industrialists and the global giants of the wind energy sector.

What is Turkish Supplier Day?

Turkish Supplier Day is a special event that brings together suppliers contributing to the growth of Türkiye’s wind energy sector and our nation’s exemplary businesses. This event aims to create efficient and promising collaboration opportunities by bringing together local and global companies operating at every stage of the wind energy value chain. Turkish Supplier Day will also serve as a special platform to emphasize the contribution of the wind energy sector to our country’s economy and its competence in the supply field. Leading companies in the sector will exhibit their products and services while exploring collaboration opportunities with Turkish industrialists under the TWEC. Thus, TWEC will serve as a strong bridge for the best-performing local and international companies to access new business opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Participants will also have the opportunity to establish international connections, allowing them to increase their presence in global markets and access new collaboration opportunities by communicating with business professionals from around the world.

By participating in the Turkish Wind Energy Congress, you can take an active role within the framework of the ‘Turkish Supplier Day’ event, showcase all your competencies in the sector, and evaluate collaboration opportunities with global companies, setting sail for international roots together!

Let’s step into the future of the energy world together!